ELTEC Engineering



ELTEC offers complex solutions to any problem that has to do with current, both with power current and in particular with high tech information, communication and safety systems.

Our focus is on electrical systems engineering and modern building management. Outstanding is the use of advanced technologies and the optimum qualification of our employees.

ELTEC stands for competence and reliability, where airports and factories are built, or data centers, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, or apartments are set up.

40 years of experience

ELTEC KG was originally founded in 1970 in Berlin, Germany, as an electrical systems engineering and building technologies business.

Meeting the highest quality requirements and always adopting the latest technological developments, our company within a short time succeeded in taking a leading position on the Berlin market and winning more and more big clients throughout all Germany, in other European countries, and soon all over the world.

Over the years, in order to meet our customers' varied needs, sister companies were risen in neighbouring fields, such as facility management or real estate development. As a result, we are nowadays capable of delivering full-service solutions from a valuable network of professionals - to the full profit of our clients, investors and partners.



  ELTEC GROUP GmbH, Berlin
  ELTEC Engineering GmbH, Berlin
  ELTEC Service GmbH, Berlin
  ELTEC-Service GmbH, Frankfurt/Main