ELTEC Engineering


International Experience

The ELTEC Management recognized earlier than others that a highly specialised business can only prove is worth permanently if it faces the requirements of globalized economy.

We therefore very early attached particular importance to the company's international activities. ELTEC is a partner of the Federal Building Control Office, an institution of the German Federal Government.

In this context ELTEC built German embassies all over the world, e.g. in Cairo, Athens, Ankara, New Delhi, and Phnom Penh. In Mukallah in Yemen, ELTEC set up a modern hospital for the Kuwait State Office. Housing estates, factories, wheat mills, and air traffic control facilities were built in other Arabian countries.

In Syria, ELTEC and its sister Wittenberg Machine and Mill Works jointly contributed to the task of providing food for the population. We set up six large mills with a capacity of several thousands tons of corn every day. The volume of the Syrian project amounted to more than 150 million US$.

Increasing efficiency with regional partners

ELTEC acts in close co-operation with reliable regional partners in many countries all over the world. These partner companies are under permanent control in order to guarantee that the quality standards are met to fulfill our high requirements.